A Big Announcement! 

My OutSpace Centre set to Open in September!
Posted by Yuliana 07 August 2014 14:47:00
For the last year, everyone at Phase 1 has been paving the way for My OutSpace, our very special business centre, to open in the heart of Croydon. While the search for a suitable central-Croydon location went on, we have amassed a huge collection of ... read more

What Networking can do for YOU 

And why Twitter shouldn't get all the attention..
29 July 2014 15:43:00
The Networks most of us are familiar with in 2014 are ‘Social Networks’. Undoubtedly you have an opinion on their virtue and efficacy, particularly in a business context. For some they are the Holy Grail of Customer Interaction, allowing real... read more

The benefits of OutSpace 

Home vs Hub
Posted by Yuliana 23 July 2014 14:17:00
So you have a great business idea. You’re just starting up, not quite sure how much income to expect, and you don’t want to jump in to renting a venue to carry out your business from. You have a spare room, a garage, a little bit of space on your... read more

Careers AND Children? 

Yes you can!
Posted by Yuliana 09 July 2014 12:27:00
It’s been an exciting week already here at Phase 1! We may have had some brilliant news which will allow us to get our Outspace project up and running in the near future! More on that next time… In the meantime, I’ve been doing some research into ... read more

Exciting connections and Girl Power... 

Posted by Yuliana 25 June 2014 13:41:00
Welcome to Phase 1’s Blog! We thought we’d tell you a little bit about the projects which are really exciting us at Phase 1 at the moment, namely, our joint ventures with Jackie Groundsell of 1230 The Women’s Company! 1230 and Phase 1 are united... read more